Steve holding camera

Steve Sherrick

Steve has worn a lot of hats throughout his career, both the type you wear on your head and the ones related to job titles. Whether it’s sound engineer, editor, colorist, director, producer or technologist, the title Steve finds the most fitting to describe himself is collaborator. It’s the ability to work well with people in a creative environment that has defined him. With over twenty years of experience in all aspects of media production, he has had the privilege of working with a wide range of clients, from corporate video to Hollywood feature films.

An important priority for Sherrick Creative is to work with companies and individuals who place a lot of emphasis on social responsibility. Steve is a firm believer that art in all its many forms can inspire and lead to positive change.

When he’s not completely devoting himself to bringing stories to life, he’s a loving husband, father, and Boston sports fan (New Yorkers don’t hold that against him).

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